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Prices depend on type of Service, how many services do you order, the complexity of the Project and all the details included there.
So please first send me a message through the contact page or this mail address:
Please consider writing details about the project / work as much as you can, you can also send some sketches or images that are related to your idea, which would help to describe your wish, goal for the final product / file.

Yes, of course. For example, You can order logo, visit card, website and promotional video.
If the work requires more time, lets say two months, than we determine what is more important for you at the moment. 
Also, if needed – I include collaboration with some of my professional colleagues for the Project.

Time of delivery depends on how much services you order, type of service (i.e. design or photography) and all the details included. 
First we talk about your main idea and goal, and than I estimate how long it takes for the product / work to be finish and delivered.
I will try to give the fastest response regarding the work, but the most important is quality, so I focus mostly on that and set the deadline according to it, at the same time respecting the time you have set for completion.
If you want to add some detail later to the existing work / project, than there will, of course, more days / hours be added.
Namely, for any additions and extra services – more time will be included for the project and delivery of final product, and the cost will be higher.
Send me as much details about the idea as you can, so that I can give you the most approximate time for the completion of the work.

Essentially… no. But I always try to meet the needs of my clients, and we can try to make some arrangement. Please, first read Terms of Use, because there are details of Terms regarding to ordering, prices, services and more.
Even if you didn’t read them, it is considered that you accepted them. That is the main condition for orders, communication through mail, collaboration etc. You should also be familiar with the Privacy Policy, namely you should read it before using the site and ordering any service.
I may turn down some other offer cause of collaboration with you, or invest more time than expected, so please consider that and let’s start working and finish it till the end. 
Of course, I’m reasonable and if something’s up, we can agree: that you pay for the percentage of work that is done. You will get the file of the work that has been done till that point when the Service is cancelled.
I reserve the right to cancel services maximum 5 days after we agreed to work, and you will get your money back. This is only in rare occasions and if there is a good reason for it. Otherwise, it will go smoothly and as we come to agreement.

I make a one-time contract with companies, for the specific work / project / service.
If you are an individual who wants to order some service from me, we can also sign a document as a warranty. 
It is in my interest always to abide all the points of our agreement, because – first of all, I respect all of my clients, and also I respect your and my time and energy that is being invested in the Project. Of course, I will be glad to continue collaboration or do more work with you, so you can be sure that I will give my best to realize and finish the work.

Yes. I’m interested in collaborations or some kind of affiliate work, especially in the field of graphic design and branding, but also gallery work. Of course, anything else that is in field of my interest also… you can read more about me on the page Who Am I. Feel free to send a message, I like to hear creative propositions and ideas.

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