Commonly Asked Questions

Here, you can find answers to frequently asked questions about my services. Feel free to browse through Q&A and find the most important information.

Prices depend on the type of Service, how many services do you order, the complexity of the Project and all the details included there. 
Please send me a message through chat channel / WhatsApp ( icon on the left bottom part of the website), the contact page or this mail address: studio@suzanastojkovic.com.
Consider writing details about the project / work as much as you can, you can also send some sketches or images that are related to your idea, which would help describe your wish, goal for the final product.
I will then give you a proposition and we can agree on the price.

Payment goes through PayPal, or other (online) bank, which will be determined before the start of the Project. There is Invoice for each project or part of the project. 

Yes, of course. For example, You can order logo, visit card, website and promotional video.

Time of delivery depends on how much services you order, type of service and all the details included. 
First we talk about your main idea and goal, and than I estimate how long it takes for the product / work to be finish and delivered.
Send me as much details about the idea as you can, so that I can give you the most approximate time for the completion of the work.
It can be few days, 7-10 days, or even a month or two if the Project includes website, logo, photography, namely if it has more services included and if it is complex.

Essentially - no. But I always try to meet the needs of my Clients, and we can try to make some arrangement. Please, first read Terms of Use, because there are details of Terms regarding to ordering, prices, services and more.
If you are ordering some of the services, it is considered that you accepted Terms.  You should also be familiar with the Privacy Policy.

I make a one-time contract with companies, for the specific work / project / service, as well as with individuals.
Besides the agreement, there are Invoices. 
It is in my interest always to abide all the points of our agreement, because I respect all of my Clients, as well as your and my time being invested in the Project. 
Of course, this contract is also binding on you, and shows respect towards me and my work.
Minimum 60% needs to be paid in advance, depending on the complexity of the Project.

Yes. I’m interested in collaborations or some kind of affiliate work, especially in the field of graphic design and branding, marketing, gallery work, as well as fashion and photography. Feel free to send a message, I like to hear creative propositions and ideas.