I’ve participated in exhibitions held by FMK (Faculty of Media and Communications). There were different locations (galleries), with different themes and contexts.

Experimental Typography

Experimenting with typography is like painting with words, exploring unconventional styles and arrangements to evoke emotion and ignite curiosity.
First one I made with cherry blossom petals, second with little rocks, and third with pieces of clothes.

Generative Logo and Infographic

This exhibition included mixed work, like programming, graphic design, photography, web design. I’ve made generative logos as a result of working in programming software, and infographic as a part of design course.

Out of Focus / out of taste

Here, I designed the edition for this exhibition of magazine ‘Propeler’ (FMK’s). For the gallery work, I made video art ‘Freedom is Priceless’ regarding treatment of animals and raising consciousness about life around us; and also art installation with big paper box, which had one opening at the top and pictures inside, which couldn’t be seen without the use of technology, namely phone or camera (with flash). Reference was theoretical analysis of Hito Steyerl’s text about reproduction of images and privacy (since there are cameras everywhere and people randomly take photos).

Propeler Magazine ‘Out of Focus / Out of Taste’

Video Art ‘Freedom is Priceless’

Logo  ‘Multiply’ for my art installation

‘If you want to see the work, take a photo of it!’

I have placed installation in such way to obligate visitors to produce even more photos than already exist.
The main focus was on (re)production of photos, image, video of someone or something. 

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‘Moving away from physical dimensions and usages, the authors tried to express their inner, intimate and “artistic” relation to objectivity and everyday. On exposed photographs, ideas are analyzed through a series of different situations, while the recognition of real objects becomes part of the metaphorical and conceptual.’
(author of text: Belgrade Photo Month)

My photos that were on the gallery wall:

and more of this theme:

Belgrade Photo Month is a photographic organization that focuses on talented photographers and presenting their work to a wider public.

Author of these photos: Belgrade Photo Month