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Suzana Stojković

Digital Artist full of passion for designing, branding, innovations, environmentalism, and eliciting reactions and emotions in work.

My profession is my call from even when I was a kid. I have always loved to assemble some unusual elements and shapes, to fix things or solve situations, puzzles (riddles) in a different way, and also to create interesting imaginary situations, or with context that would already show that my vocation is design, digital arts and similar.

I would say that my greatest qualities are patience, commitment, curiosity, possibility of finding a fast solution, and thinking ahead.
I'm a great listener also, and believe that it is important that designer and client should listen to every detail from each other. Than You get the best service and beautiful product, and I get a reliable customer that will be my associate and will recommend my services to others!

Six years in business now and enthusiastic about every new creative project...
So let's start today!

I primarily finished undergraduate studies, than Master studies and gained the title MA of Digital Art and Media.
Independently of that, I've been reading, taking courses, going to exhibitions, watching different content from design, video, animation, contemporary art, digital art and more. I believe that knowledge from practical work is the most valuable, so I enjoy every new project because I can grow personally, know more, and create even better product for my clients. Full six years of professional work, and I'm always eager to design new content!
I am excited to learn new languages. I know English excellent, and I'm exploring Spanish and Turkish now... but I want to learn more in the future when I find the time. I'm interested in Japanese, Portuguese, Italian...I think that every language is special and interesting on its own way.
It is also important to know languages because of the work with clients, but I find it especially satisfying when I chat casually with friends or clients on English and than suddenly I say something specific on their language, which always pleasantly surprises them.
I used to play chess and basketball. Five years of chess helped me develop a special way of resolving some situations, and thinking always five steps ahead. I have won medals, and once participated in European Individual Championship in the early 2000s. The most beautiful thing is that you meet a variety of interesting people.
I played basketball about four years and enjoyed every day of it. Team work and group commitment is something that I also admire. I watch NBA, and really love special moves that exist there, which I used to implement.
Few questions and answers
My favorite designer?
Although I follow the work of several people, I would single out Paula Scher. I like her interventions in space, and the simplicity in the solutions for the realization of the logos.
My favorite photographer?
Lillian Bassman. Her photographs are a symbiosis of tenderness, sophistication - and contrast, expressiveness. Personally, I love that she has combined photography, design and fashion in her works, and that they reminiscent of graphics, perhaps mostly on illustrations.
Favorite period in Art History?
Impressionism, Avant-garde, and Conceptual art.
Favorite artist?
I follow work of several artists, but I especially love to mention the ones who emphasize important social situations, issues and questions through their work, as Barbara Kruger and Daniel Buren, or Hito Steyerl and SpY. Kruger shows the difference in men's and women's social status; Buren makes new relationship between gallery space and the one outside of it. Stereyl conducts an interesting analysis of preoccupation, and SpY shows the pros and cons of city life.
Favorite work of an artist?
It is not easy to reduce to one, but I would first choose Toulouse-Lautrec's lithographs.
Favorite font?
I like to try new fonts, but I would single out Nunito, Neutra, Glober, Poppins, Nexa Light because they are pleasant for eye, text is great both for headline and some content.

Creative Principles

I formed some principles that I use for my creative work. Proper guidance is important for creating quality product and understanding a client’s desire and goal.

My Services

Creative Graphic Design

Modern, Contemporary Web Design


Video and Animation


For bigger projects I collaborate with my creative colleagues, so if you need more services and want to make something really special that takes more time, there is a creative team that can make it happen for You!

I believe that all of us have a big potential, but it takes a big commitment to reveal it to the fullest!

I often try to find inspiration in the small details that fill our everyday lives.
My vision is to show by my example that the work we do can and should be something we love, as well as to work on creative and innovative projects, with people who are focused on spreading knowledge, inspiring others, improving the community, society, nature, and generally life on the planet we live on.

I find that creative ideas, events and people exist all around us. It is important that we are always aware of that and to get the best out of every situation.
Our personal orientation is important in all areas of life.
I choose to spend the day successfully in every way as much as I can, but never forget to also enjoy the present moment and let things flow naturally.

Areas and topics that interest me very much:
Art, Media, Marketing, Technology, Psychology, Business, Fashion, Languages, Veganism, Ecology…


Client's review

It is my great pleasure to recommend Miss Suzana Stojkovic as a graphic designer since her strong talent for visual arts and outstanding dedication towards her line of work guarantee impressive results.
Miss Stojkovic has a strong knowledge of Adobe Photoshop as well as other visual manipulation and editing software. Besides that, she is quite familiar with a variety of styles of visual arts in general, including both classic and contemporary approaches to painting and photography. Her expertise combined with her exceptional eye for detail and her fresh and original ideas, make her a graphic designer who can adapt to any style or project quite fast.
During my collaboration with Miss Stojkovic, I was quite pleased to learn how much enthusiasm she has for her job. She is always ready to provide interesting insights, give new ideas, and offer better solutions. As she was working on a catalogue for Gallery Tattvena, she improved the company's original concept, both with her creativity and innovative approach. Besides that, Miss Stojkovic proved herself as a quite punctual and reliable worker.

Gallery Tattvena

Contemporary Art Gallery

Now we start making something great together!

I’m enthusiastic about new projects, especially when my clients, creative people, are motivated to fulfill their biggest goals and dreams. Everything is possible!

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