Important segment of creative work and production

Encouraging and Developing Ideas

This is perhaps one of the most important principle for creative work, because the idea is the basis from which all the next steps are created and a project is realized. 
In doing so, I do not mean only jobs such as design, photography and similar, but also sports, cooking, construction, tourism and many other.
To make a delicious and interesting cake, we have to think about the dimensions, shapes, ingredients, colors, details, etc.
Even for the most basic actions, it is necessary to think about what kind of choices will be made – say, whether to take a bouquet of roses, lilies to a friend or mix it, because it can have different connotations.
Main point is to produce new ideas, to write or sketch them in notebook, mobile or tablet, whatever one likes to carry and use for this.

Following various portals, reading  quality content

To better understand the needs of the market, as well as to adopt the most practical knowledge, information and advice, I follow various websites, watch videos on Vimeo and YouTube, take courses, go to exhibitions, and occasionally participate in workshops.
Some of the linkes are:,,,,,,,,,…
I follow also different designers and artists, i.e. Paula Scher, SpY, Daniel Buren, Hito Steyerl etc.


Honest and proper communication is the key to success in any field, and in essence it is important how you position yourself at the time of the conversation and how you treat co-workers, clients, or simply another person, whatever the context and situation is. When you understand this, you’ve done already a half of your job, or you will bond with someone, have a reliable friend, client, colleague.
I always try to be as accurate and professional as possible in talking to clients, and to truly understand what they want, as well as to suggest my ideas and give practical advice – to have a site, logo, cards or anything else done as soon as possible, at the highest quality. 
I think it is important to first talk and present clearly everything related to the client’s wishes, their vision related to the work, goals, but also approximate day (date) for finalization, as well as payment … and then the work will certainly run smoothly.


I really like this statement: ‘You can’t download experience’. 
Experience is something that is gained through every new job, cooperation, communication with various, creative people. I use my experience to create the best possible content (or product) for You. 
Certainly, the experience of other people who are successful in this field, digital media and art, marketing, as well as those who interest me personally and who improve the work of my clients is important to me, so I take courses, learn from, and follow personalities who show that their work has quality, that it is valid and brings excellent results in their field of work.

Creativity and  Fun

It is very important – to be able to have fun while working. Creating ideas is a fun process, and in general we should feel happy and energetic, animated when we do research for some topic and work on the realization of a project for the client.
This is especially nicely described in the second chapter of the book ‘How to come up with ideas’, by Jack Foster. I want to quote you two sentences from there: 
‘Humor and creativity. It is difficult for one without the other. The same goes for fun and ideas. As well as for enjoyment and realization.’ 
‘Fun unleashes creativity. It is one of the seeds that needs to be planted in order for ideas to bloom.’
It’s one of the ways I come up with ideas – by enjoying researching and comparing information for a specific topic, using practical knowledge, and having fun presenting key elements to get an idea (for example, pasting some printed pictures around the apartment, writing key words on a napkin in a restaurant, spontaneously photographing some scenes that inspire me at that moment, walking through unknown streets, wearing the clothes with color that I don’t normally choose etc).

Be a Creative Star 

When you have the right guides and know what you want, than the ideas come to you more often and clear. 

When you have the right guides and know what you want, than the ideas come to you more often and clear. 

Be a Creative Star

Have Fun Creating New Ideas

When you love the job or work you do, than the creative process is productive and fun. 

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