Ledeni Handmade

Web Design, Graphic Design, Video

Through meticulous web and graphic design crafted specifically for the fashion industry, I aimed to captivate audiences with visuals that reflect the essence of haute couture. Ledeni’s models are both ‘approachable’ and unique. There is a ‘white shirt’ that goes as a symbol of universal wear, but also pieces with golden elements as well as special handmade details that aim at specific group of Clients. Focus goes on models and photography, as well as text explaining the meaning of symbol inside Ledeni’s logo, and the ‘source’ from which this brand stand its ground.

Client’s wish was white and simple, as well as shop with products that can be ordered manually (through mail or phone). Following their desire, I built a minimalistic website that effectively showcases essence of ‘Ledeni’ brand. 
For video, I aimed at two most important motives: hands and cloth. Owner is writing word ‘Ledeni’ on white shirt, which was one of her first creations, as well as the logo, which she designed.

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