Every creative idea deserves attention


Your vision is a significant starting point for creating something special!

I listen to your ideas, goals and Your Vision
I choose the best creative solution for You
I realize the final product and launch it


Ms. Suzana Stojković showed exceptional professional behavior, at the same time respecting the wishes of the client and incorporating new and fresh ideas into the project. Also, Ms. Stojković shows great interest in the development and environment of the project in a way that meets all the requirements and expectations of the client in the shortest possible time.
Miss Stojkovic is very responsible, punctual, and professional. Moreover, in her work, she manages to create an impressive synthesis of her talent and love for art, and her time organization skills.
Shows an outstanding level of concern for the final results of the project she leads. We wish her all the best in the future and look forward to working with her again.


Clients / Associates

My creative services

Creative Graphic Design

Design made with love, backed by knowledge, skills and experience. Whether You want a pastel logo, business catalogue or something specific, I'm here.

Modern, Contemporary Web Design

Websites made for this age - UX UI, responsive, story and content with clear message, beautiful, intriguing and smart elements for Your clients.

Video and Animation

Tell Your Story through lovely stop-motion animation or professional digital video. Animated logos, business videos, catching motives, and more.


Capturing moments with lots of care and devotion. From product photography for online shops, to portraits and street photography for personal portfolios.


Includes logo, site, concept for maintaining profiles on social networks, professional photos specifically made for your niche, videos with creative and catchy phrases, etc. Overview of the target group, the mission and goal of the company / studio / individual and the desired result.

Creative Principles I use in my work

I look forward to working with You

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