I formed a list of creative principles that I use as an artist and business person:

As a professional in my field, producing ideas is not just a task but a daily challenge I eagerly embrace. It's about cultivating a mindset that welcomes curiosity and embraces experimentation. I thrive on exploring unconventional paths, leveraging my expertise to push boundaries and generate innovative solutions. Each idea is a culmination of my experiences, insights, and relentless pursuit of excellence. Ultimately, my ability to consistently produce ideas that inspire and solve problems is what sets me apart and drives my success in my profession.

Comparing and analysing methods of other people that showed by their results great production of ideas is also something I thrive to do: reading books about ideas, creativity, psychology behind it, how to implement ideas and more. Talking to colleagues, or even random people on street, at gallery event, or somewhere else can motivate me to connect unusual and unique ‘terms’. I enjoy maintaining an open mind and listening to individuals' distinct expressions of their thoughts, desires, and goals.

Research serves as the bedrock of creative work, providing a foundation for informed exploration and innovation. It enriches the creative process by offering insights, inspiration, and historical context that can spark new ideas and directions. Through research, I can gain a deeper understanding of Client's subject matter, audience, and market, enabling them to tailor their work effectively. It also helps identify trends, gaps, and opportunities, allowing for the development of unique and relevant creations. By incorporating research into my practice, I can elevate the quality and impact of Client's work, resonating more profoundly with their audience and achieving long-term success.

I follow various websites, listen to podcasts on different topics, analyse videos on social media, take courses, go to galleries (exhibitions), and occasionally participate in workshops.
Some of the linkes are:,,,,,,,,,… and many more.
I follow also different designers and artists, i.e. Paula Scher, SpY, Daniel Buren, Hito Steyerl etc.

Strategic talk enhances productivity, collaboration, and overall organizational efficiency, positioning businesses for sustainable development and competitive advantage in the dynamic marketplace.
Honest and proper communication is the key to success in any field, and in essence, it is important how a person positions themselves during the conversation and treats Clients, co-workers or simply another person, whatever the context and situation is. By fostering transparency and clarity, it cultivates trust and accountability within teams and with Partners.

I always try to be as accurate and professional as possible in talking to Clients, and to truly understand what they want, as well as to suggest my ideas and give practical advices. By this, I ensure that goals, expectations, and responsibilities are clearly defined, reducing the likelihood of misunderstandings or errors. Clear communication streamlines decision-making processes, enabling swift and informed actions that drive business growth and success.

I really like this statement: ‘You can’t download experience’. 
Experience is something that is gained through every new job, cooperation, communication with various, creative people.
I use my experience to create the best possible content for You. 
The fusion of experience and practical know-how distinguishes thriving creative businesses, enabling them to adapt, evolve, and consistently deliver exceptional results in a competitive landscape.

Experience and practical knowledge are invaluable assets in the artistic industry, serving as the compass guiding decisions and strategies. They offer insights honed through real-world challenges and successes, providing a nuanced understanding of industry dynamics and trends. In the creative realm, knowing what works and what doesn't can make the difference between a groundbreaking idea and a missed opportunity.

It's crucial to find joy in work, as it fuels our creativity and enthusiasm. Engaging in the ideation process should be a source of enjoyment, infusing our efforts with passion and excitement. Similarly, conducting research and executing projects for Clients should be invigorating experiences that inspire us to excel and innovate.
Following this, I would like to quote few sentences from the second chapter of the book ‘How to come up with ideas’, by Jack Foster: 
‘Humor and creativity. It is difficult for one without the other. The same goes for fun and ideas. As well as for enjoyment and realization.’ 
Fun unleashes creativity. It is one of the seeds that needs to be planted in order for ideas to bloom.’

I come up with ideas by enjoying researching and comparing information for a specific topic, using practical knowledge, and having fun presenting key elements to get an idea. For example: pasting some printed pictures around the apartment, writing key words on a napkin in a restaurant, spontaneously photographing some scenes that inspire me, walking through streets I haven't been before, wearing the clothes with colors that I don’t normally choose etc. It is normal not to be in the mood for fun every day, but still it is possible to find at least a simple, yet different activity that can 'light up' our minds and keep the synapses running 😉

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