Gallery Tattvena
Dec 21

Gallery Tattvena

It is my great pleasure to recommend Miss Suzana Stojkovic as a graphic designer since her strong talent for visual arts and outstanding dedication towards her line of work guarantee impressive results.
Miss Stojkovic has a strong knowledge of Adobe Photoshop as well as other visual manipulation and editing software. Besides that, she is quite familiar with a variety of styles of visual arts in general, including both classic and contemporary approaches to painting and photography. Her expertise combined with her exceptional eye for detail and her fresh and original ideas, make her a graphic designer who can adapt to any style or project quite fast.
During my collaboration with Miss Stojkovic, I was quite pleased to learn how much enthusiasm she has for her job. She is always ready to provide interesting insights, give new ideas, and offer better solutions. As she was working on a catalogue for Gallery Tattvena, she improved the company’s original concept, both with her creativity and innovative approach. Besides that, Miss Stojkovic proved herself as a quite punctual and reliable worker.